Happy Birthday Veronika! At 69 Years Young She’s Unstoppable!

IMG_2602I had the pleasure of meeting Veronika 7 years ago at a gym where I worked. Soon after, I became her personal trainer. Veronika exuded such strength and beauty and I knew right away she was extraordinary! At 69 years young, her life reads like a story book & her experiences are fascinating. I noticed during one of our training sessions that the soles on her shoes were very worn out. She told me hershoes were 25 years old and had been all over Europe.

     photo 2Veronika at Boot Camp783_10200236303775116_226049333_n

Veronika keeps everyone vibrant and laughing as she runs circles around you. She NEVER COMPLAINS ORVeronika Vodka 2 USES HER AGE AS AN EXCUSE! Veronika uses 10 lb weights at Boot Camp & completes the entire workout with 100% effort! She has transformed her physique & become FEIRCELY STRONG! 


Her consistencies with Boot Camp & healthy eating habits have paid off! She’s proof age really is just a number and with the right mindset, you can be unstoppable! Yep this woman is pretty tough!


Oh, and you better believe she’s not letting you get out of that 3rd set and demands everyone finishes their workout strong! Thanks for inspiring us Veronika!


photo 3


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