Happy 5 Year Anniversary TBR!

A letter to our amazing Bootcampers…
5 years ago, my life changed forever! I had worked in gyms since the age of 14, program designing, helping people achieve their fitness goals & teaching them how to eat right. However, I felt like I wasn’t doing “enough”.
I knew I needed to help more people get into shape, become healthier & change their lives! I took a huge risk, left personal training & started Total Body Results!
Owning a fitness business has been one of the most difficult & rewarding things I’ve ever done. From day one, I made a commitment that I would give my all to helping as many people as I can get into shape & have a better quality of life through healthy living!
My favorite part of the day is getting to come out to Boot Camp & see all of our amazing participants! We are a “Fitness Family!”
To our loyal participants, your commitment to your health, fitness & TBR over the years means the world to me! Thank you for the opportunity to work with you, see you throughout the week & be part of your life! I’m so grateful for all of you! I feel so honored & blessed to have you in my life!
I thank you deeply for your ongoing support! Without you, our program would not be what it is today! I truly cherish each & every one of you & the memories we’ve made over the years! I’m so proud of all of your hard work, results & most important for choosing a healthy lifestyle!
Special shout out to my right hand girls Danielle & Anna! Danielle is our super trainer & has helped hold it down for 3 years! Anna is our invisible admin 😉 She’s been with us since day #1 & without her, I’d be stuck in technology! I’m so grateful for you both…thank you for ALL you do!
Love you all!
PS- Below is a walk through memory lane! Feel free to leave a comment 😉


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