Ann went from a Size 10 to size 6, Tankini to Bikini!

Ann went from a Size 10 to size 6, Tankini to Bikini!

AnnAnn J before and after

June 8, 2015 marked my three year anniversary with Total Body Results. It’s been awesome starting my day with Boot Camp on the beach. Julia and Danielle are inspirational motivators and offer a great support system.

I had been doing a boot camp prior to moving to the beach and starting to see some great improvement in my upper body and core strength, and some weight loss, so knew I had to find the right fit immediately to continue my progress.From the day of my first class with Julia, I knew that TBR would become my new fitness family. If you pay attention, Julia and Danielle share important life lessons during class.

1. “You can do anything for just one minute.” I will note here that one minute can seem like a very long time when you’re holding a plank.

2. Mondays are for “making it happen.” So if you don’t “make it happen” at the beach, you better “make it happen” at the park later.

3. “This is where the magic happens.” Warning: This invariably means that a “magical” third set is coming your way.

4. ” Consistency is key.” Size 10 to size 6, tankini to bikini – Need I say more?

5. And, most importantly, “Just breathe.” Useful in every situation!

A great big thank you to Julia, Danielle and the rest of my fitness family. We are one with the sand. Looking forward to making it happen for many, many more Mondays with you.

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