Kim Lost 16 pounds! Post Baby Transformation!

kim K's before & afterKim

“The hustle and bustle of having a new baby and trying to find time to exercise was a challenge. I tried some at home work out programs but wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I researched boot camps and came across Total Body Results. I called and spoke directly to Julia Zammito and was excited to start the program. This was one of the best calls I have made for myself and my health. Since being in the program I lost a total of 16 pounds, multiple inches and finally reached my goal weight (pre-pregnancy size). In the beginning the early morning classes (6 AM) at the beach worked best for my busy Mom and work schedule. Now that my little has grown some, the evening class (6 PM) works best for me. My daughter has even come to a few classes and helped me workout (she loves to exercise with Mommy) The exercise program paired with Julia’s personal nutritional guidance is how I lost the excess baby weight and gained knowledge on how to maintain my size and physique. I am truly thankful for Julia and proud to be a part of the TBR Fitness Family.”

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