Angela Bio Pic foot on ball

TABATA TUESDAYS… That’s our trainer Angela’s specialty. Angela loves to tell new TBR members that her class is the hardest of the week. With a background as a former Florida State University Women’s Basketball player and US Navy Search & Rescue Swimmer she takes her job seriously! But that’s not to say she doesn’t enjoy cracking a few jokes at her classes expense. Her class attendees include both morning and evening members. Angela brings a focused and consistent flow to her class that encourages members to push through their perceived limitations. Angela encourages members to “push through” “get what you came for”, and “finish strong”! Regular attendees to Angela’s TABATA TUESDAYS have come to enjoy the difficulty of the class. They are supported as they challenge themselves to reach that high of feeling completely exhausted but totally ENERGIZED. The goal Angela tries to reach each class is to help members get stronger, faster and better each day. Angela is also a big believer in giving back to the community. She is involved with the Child Welfare Agency in Pinellas County and always looking for opportunities to serve her fellow community members. So, if you want to be challenged, encouraged, and supported… Check out TABATA TUESDAYS!

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