Fitness Expert Julia Zammito-Get Swimsuit Ready! Easy Tips To Tone Up Your Body!

Fitness Expert Julia Zammito shows brides how to GET FIT FAST with Bridal Boot Camp!

Keep your New Year’s Fitness Resolution & Burn Fat Fast!

Daytime TV- On -The Go Workouts for FAST Results!

Fall is here. School is in session and schedules are crazy, but the weather is amazing, so get outside and enjoy it! Getting outdoors for exercise will get you fast fitness results and so much more.

Studies show that people who exercise outdoors versus exercising indoors have a 50 percent greater positive effect on mental health, have increased energy levels, have a decrease in tension, reduced anger and depression and more enjoyment & satisfaction.

-Team up with family member or friends- Accountability is key!
-Get your workouts in while your child is at sports practice
-Have fun & enjoy your workouts! You don’t have to exercise for hours to achieve results. Short and sweet!
QUICK on-the-go high calorie burning workout:
You might think they’re only good for resting, but benches act like built in gym equipment!

*Incorporate interval runs between movements or before or after completing 2-3 sets. You’ll work the entire physique including cardiovascular & strength training.

Spring has arrived! Take advantage of rising temperatures and longer days.

Make your New Year Fitness plan STICK!

Circuit workouts are great for strength training, but they also keep your heart rate up, helping burn up calories while building muscle. This full-body circuit combines exercises to work your arms while toning your legs, plus your abs and back will all be challenged. And you can do this workout in the comfort of your living room!

Fitness Pro Julia Zammito takes viewers through a total body high calorie burning circuit workout! 

Latest Videos from Channel 8’s Daytime

If you missed us on channel 8’s Daytime for Kristy’s weight loss reveal or the park bench workout, check it out.

It has been such a pleasure to take this journey with Kristy as she has become dedicated to making positive life changes for herself.  As her calorie intake decreased and her exercise increased; her waist line also decreased and her confidence increased.  Keep up the great work, Kristy!  We’ll be there cheering you on the whole way.

Summer is always a busy time of year. We need to use every opportunity we get to squeeze in an extra workout.  While walking through the park it’s easy to do with these 5 easy exercises that can be done on any bench or picnic table.


Keep it right, keep it tight!


New Year, New You series – featured on channel 8 Daytime

Ch. 8’s Daytime comes to Boot Camp to check in on Krsity’s progress!

This segment will inspire you as ch 8’s Daytime comes to Boot Camp and takes you behind the scenes with lucky Daytime viewer and weight loss contender Kristy Acuff to see her progress.


Like Kristy says… “If I can do it anybody can do it!”

Join in on the fun and you too can look and feel amazing!!! Register NOW for the next free class:

Women turn to Boot Camps to get in shape

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Pumpkin Workout on ABC Action News

See us on TV again!

Wow what a week!! We have been featured on TV twice and have been in most of the area’s newspapers! Our Freaky Fat Loss Charity Pumpkin Workout was a huge success thanks to everyone!! Our Boot Campers ROCK!! Stay tuned for a separate blog with pictures & videos of our Pumpkin Workout and see how much we raised for Big Brothers Big Sisters!!

Below is the clip from ch. 8’s Daytime. Daytime is syndicated in hundreds of markets across the nation!

I absolutely love sharing anything and everything about Health & Fitness! More to come!!

To Your Success!

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Total Body Result – Media Page

Julia Zammito Tampa Bay Wellness

Julia Zammito Tampa Bay Wellness

Our Julia made the August Cover of Tampa Bay Wellness 2010. Here is the article:

Please tell our readers what you do for a living now.

I help people get the lean healthy body they want so they can enjoy the quality of life they desire because when you’re fit, healthy & strong everything in life is better richer and more rewarding. What health & fitness education do you have, what are your credentials? Over 13 years in the Fitness Industry, IFPA Certified Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Specialist, TRX Suspension Trainer Course Certified, not to mention being a National Figure & Fitness Champion. Working in the fitness industry at a young age, I began teaching classes and learning everything and anything about nutrition and exercise which gave me the opportunity to help o thers in the gym and it carried on into high school and college activities. I started the day with Jock Jams on the morning announcements and held Step aerobics and kickboxing in the school gym during lunch hour. I received my certification for personal training as soon as I could (You had to be 18). I have not stopped training and helping others improve their lives through exercise and nutrition.Read entire article…

Julia at Channel 8’s Daytime August 2010

Julia at Channel 8’s Daytime June 2010

See us on Channel 8’s Daytime!

Who wants better posture, who wants to tighten their Abs? Strengthening the core is key in getting your whole body into shape.

We visit Channel 8’s Daytime to show you three effective exercises you can do in just 12 minutes. Check it out!

Burn it Off!

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Seminole woman eyes move to pro body building

SEMINOLE – For Julia Zammito of Seminole, it has been a quick rise to the top in the world of body building and physique contests.

It all started nonchalantly when the 24-year-old personal trainer paid a visit earlier this year to Tampa trainer Tim Gardner for some tips on how to tone up her body prior to a photo shoot for self-marketing purposes. Read entire article…