Why TBR?

We help men & woman who are struggling with their bodies & don’t feel confident in their own skin by offering them training, nutrition & coaching services. We work on creating permanent change to become healthier, happier and confident creating the ultimate JOY in life.

Who is TBR?

Who is Total Body Results? TBR is made up of the most incredible men & woman. They have committed to reclaiming their lives & transforming their bodies! For a life full of health, happiness, energy & vitality!

In a nutshell… we help people get the lean healthy bodies they desire while also improving the quality of their life.

Our transforming workouts allow you all the benefits of working with a personal trainer at an affordable rate.

We work closely with each client to ensure they reach their fitness & health goals for long term success. Accountability, motivation and ongoing coaching tools including nutritional guidance are key.

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