Kettlebells Proven Most Effective Exercise Tool!

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Kettlebells!  Proven Most Effective Exercise Tool-

Unlike machines and traditional weight training, kettlebells teach you how to use momentum to your advantage. The better prepared you are to control and direct momentum, the less risk of injury and greater ease with which you execute any movement. Train with kettlebells and within weeks, you will not only experience significant improvement in real world ability, you will also have the strong, lean, agile physique to match.


 The Benefits of Kettlebell Trainingkettle-bell girl1

  • Improved core strength: All of the exercises focus on stabilizing the core, and almost all movements are done freestanding
  • Improved overall strength: Kettlebell training develops strength in all planes of movement.
  • Improved flexibility/mobility: Kettlebell training promotes increased range-of-motion in the joints and favors movements in extension, which counteracts the flexed position of sitting all day.
  • Improved coordination: Kettlebell training teaches to connect your upper and lower body. This element provides athletes a superior edge in their training protocol due to greater body rhythm and awareness.
  • Resistance to injury: Kettlebell training stresses the connective tissue, such as ligaments and tendons. Strengthening connective tissues helps to decrease the risk of injury.
  • Improved aerobic power: Kettlebell training, especially the repetitive, ballistic exercises, will enhance cardiovascular training. The conditioning aspect will also help to develop without stressing the knees and hips.

 Top 10 Reasons Kettlebells Proven Most Effective Exercise Tool

  1. Burns fat in less time.
  2. Displaced center of gravity increases difficulty and benefit of many of the drills.
  3. Thick handles increases grip strength and the difficulty of certain drills.
  4. Variety of kettlebell drills is only limited by your imagination, providing unlimited protection from boredom.
  5. Trains hip extension, which transfers to many athletic skills.
  6. Trains deceleration, an important and difficult athletic skill.
  7. Balance of tension and relaxation.
  8. Trains will power.
  9. Fun.
  10. The kettlebell can be used anywhere, both indoors and out.

With just three 30 minute workouts per week, Kettlebells have the ability to melt fat and create a toned physique. The secret is all in the movements specialized to Kettlebell training- Your heart-rate is elevated and exercises create a total body resistance workout like nothing you have ever experienced before with results you have never seen before!

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