Daytime TV- On -The Go Workouts for FAST Results!

By September 18, 2013Blog, Media

Fall is here. School is in session and schedules are crazy, but the weather is amazing, so get outside and enjoy it! Getting outdoors for exercise will get you fast fitness results and so much more.

Studies show that people who exercise outdoors versus exercising indoors have a 50 percent greater positive effect on mental health, have increased energy levels, have a decrease in tension, reduced anger and depression and more enjoyment & satisfaction.

-Team up with family member or friends- Accountability is key!
-Get your workouts in while your child is at sports practice
-Have fun & enjoy your workouts! You don’t have to exercise for hours to achieve results. Short and sweet!
QUICK on-the-go high calorie burning workout:
You might think they’re only good for resting, but benches act like built in gym equipment!

*Incorporate interval runs between movements or before or after completing 2-3 sets. You’ll work the entire physique including cardiovascular & strength training.

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