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The Workout:

TBR incorporates several styles of training and equipment throughout a typical class. Our main method is based in functional training that improves stamina, strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. We take you through movements that will improve your overall daily functioning as well as TORCH fat and build muscle. A typical session would involve TRX suspension training, medicine balls, agility, dynamax balls, battle ropes, resistance bands, tubes, kettlebells, incline work, ab work

How often should I go?

We recommend you attend sessions a minimum of 3 times a week to see results. 4 sessions is suggested for accelerated results and 5 sessions a week puts you at ROCKSTAR status.

Will I be okay if I'm a beginner or not already in shape?

Absolutely! TBR’s functional training methods are designed for any level of fitness. We encourage new members to go at their own pace and focus on form during your initial sessions. Our trainers are focused on ensuring you have a fun experience in a safe environment.

Buying a Membership & Class Packages:

Memberships & Packages are based on each member’s individual goals and what level of services are needed to reach their goals. TBR will schedule an assessment after your initial session to get to know you and your goals and find the package that works best for you.

How to Book:

You can opt-in for your free session by calling or texting us at 727-709-3854 or by emailing us at info@totalbodyresults.com. A TBR associate will follow up with you to discuss your initial session and what to expect.

Should I eat before class?

Should I eat before class? Yes, unless you have some adverse reaction to eating prior to working out, we recommend eating at least 1 hour before your workout. A green protein shake will suffice but something that has a little sugar or carbs to keep your blood sugar levels from dropping during the class. Especially if this is your first class!

Where & when do we meet?

Seminole City Park MWF & Sat 9 am, M & Wed. 5:15, M-Thur. 6 pm

Weather concerns:

We workout rain or shine. If it is raining, we will do our workout under the large pavilion. In the event that we cancel class due to severe conditions such as a hurricane or tropical storm, everyone will be notified through email & our private Facebook Group.

Bring to class:

You’ll want to bring a yoga mat, water and a set of hand weights (3-8 lbs woman, 10-20lbs. men) is recommended.

Can I work out at TBR if I have an injury?

Absolutely! Depending on the injury of course but we are usually able to provide variations that still get you sweating and burning calories. If you have any injuries, please let your trainer know prior to class to ensure we provide you appropriate variations.

Can I bring my kid?

Yes, our 6pm class has a newly installed playground and the park is a great place for kids to run around and play with the ducks and birds.

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