7 Tips for a Cleaner Christmas

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7 Tips for Cleaner Christmas

It’s Christmas and everyone is finishing up their last minute shopping and getting ready for the onslaught of family and friends who will invade their home. While this is always an exciting time of year, the close of one year with the anticipation of another on the horizon, it is also stressful for many. And when you combine stress, abundance of food and no exercise you tend to feel the effects after all the family has left and food has been eaten. Many people get sick after the holidays due to the hectic Holiday pace and eating foods that we may not eat regularly, as well as an increase in alcohol consumption. These are all ways of celebrating but they do have an impact on our body. So we wanted to provide 7 tips to help you recover from the weekend festivities so that you can bring in the New Year feeling good and ready to #CRUSHLIFE!

1. SWEAT & RESIST! A great way to beat those extra calories and strengthen your body for those delicious foods is to sweat. Get a Cardio & Strength workout in the day before the festivities. You want to sweat, get that heart rate up and do resistance strength training. Get those muscles pumped. It doesn’t have to be a long workout. You can get a great strength training workout in 30 minutes. Push yourself a little harder than usual, the key here is you want to feel invigorated and energized afterward. This brings vitality to your body and in turn boosts the immune system. Engaging your muscles with a little heavier weight than usual will also stimulate growth so when you’re eating those heavier foods it will help contribute to muscle growth instead of going straight to the belly and thighs. So SWEAT & RESIST!

2. HYDRATE! Many of us have probably consumed our fair share of alcoholic beverages, succulent sweets and who knows what other deliciousness people come up with during the Holiday season. While they all taste amazing going down they don’t always make us feel the best later. One of the best ways to cure a hangover whether food or alcohol induced is by drinking water. Duh, right?! Well, while we may “know” what we are supposed to do, most of us still don’t drink enough water. A rule of thumb is to try to drink a gallon a day. You may not be able to drink the whole gallon but that is a good goal to try to get to. Water helps our kidneys and liver flush out toxins quickly, not to mention makes our skin look younger and more vibrant. Sometimes those hunger cravings are also a sign of dehydration. So HYDRATE!

3. CLEAN TREAT CHEATS! Ok, OK… I know what you’re thinking, what the heck is a clean treat cheat?! Well, it’s basically your favorite desert or sweet treat but made with ALL NATURAL ORGANIC ingredients. Now when I say “All Natural” I don’t mean what the label on the product calls natural. I’m looking for labels that say things like, “No Artificial Flavor, USDA Organic, No Preservatives, Non-GMO” The words “Natural Flavors & Artificial Flavors” is what I look to avoid. One of the best ways to still enjoy those delicious deserts is to make your own, just cleaner. The side effects will surprise you. First of all, the desert will actually taste better because it has quality ingredients, secondly it will not have the same impact on your belly and thighs, and lastly you’re immune system won’t get beat up because there are no chemicals for it to fight which lessens the likelihood that you’ll get sick and ring in the start of 2018 from your sick bed. That’s never a good start to a NEW YEAR NEW YOU!

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4. JUICE UP ON JUICE PLUS! This is a shameless plug for probably the best product I have ever

spent my money on. Many of us try to at least take a multi-vitamin or some sort of supplement to help us fight off illness in an attempt to be healthy. If we do nothing else, at least we take our multivitamin, right? I don’t want to burst the imaginary bubble of health that the pharmaceutical companies have created for you but… POP!! None of those supplements get absorbed into your system. Your body doesn’t absorb them because they aren’t bioavailable. What makes JUICE PLUS bioavailable? For starters, it’s not considered a supplement. It has a nutrition label, not a supplement label. Which means it is food, this is the difference. Bioavailable means JUICE PLUS is able to be absorbed into the blood stream at a higher bioavailable rate and is able to have an active effect on your body. Those other supplements don’t’ actually get absorbed into the blood stream and are eliminated shortly after consumption. So what is JUICE PLUS? JUICE PLUS fills the gap between what we should eat vs. what we actually eat. 32 fruits and veggies in capsule form. It has made all the difference in my ability to fight off sickness, reduce inflammation and improve my health along with an active and healthy lifestyle. And the best part is, your kids can get the gummies for FREE. So JUICE UP ON JUICE PLUS! Check it out here.

5. CONTROL! I believe Ms. Jackson said it best “I’m in control, I’m in control, I’m in control, Don’t make me lose it!” Janet may have been talking about having control over her own life and decisions but the focus of this next tip is PORTION CONTROL, which also requires a little bit of self-control. We all have it in one form or another, but not many of us exercise our control muscle. What’s great about portion control is you get to have a little bit of everything and enjoy all of the wonderful food available to you. But only have maybe one plate instead of two. A good way to keep you from overindulging is to follow the 20 minute rule. Before you go back for 2nds, wait 20 minutes. This may keep you from going back at all because you realize you’re actually full. Much of our cravings come from psychological cues; however, our body has a delayed response to feeling full vs what our eyes maybe telling us. Just wait 20 minutes and have some CONTROL!

6. MOVE IT! While the intense workout we engaged in the day before will assist us with shedding those calories a little easier, doing some sort of activity the day of will help keep the effects of those festive foods at bay. You don’t have to move mountains, you just have to move. Get out and walk, go on a bike
ride, play a fun game of tag football, get back to your childhood roots and go to the park with your kids/grandkids and their cousins. Not only will you feel better bonding with younger generations but you’ll also teach them about the importance of their health. Movement brings joy and this just happens to be a very joyous season. Enjoy the Holidays and MOVE IT!

7. CLEAR THE PATH! How many of you would agree that it’s not very easy to walk when you are constantly having to step over your kids toys or clothes and clutter in your path? It slows you down, takes more energy, and can be frustrating. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if all the kids toys and clothes were put in their respective places so that you can walk smoothly through your path to get to your destination? Well, that’s exactly how your body feels when it has a bunch of toxins flowing through its systems. Slow, sluggish and frustrated. So you went to your family’s home and enjoyed the amazing food and now you have a hangover. You’re TOXIC! Best way to feel better is to clear the path by detoxing. Juice cleanses are one of the best ways to clean out all those toxins and get you back up and running smooth and feeling amazing.

A 3 day juice cleanse can do wonders for your digestive tract, mental clarity and will boost your metabolism. Get our 10-Day Total Mind & Body Detox here.


Wishing you a Healthy Holiday!

Angel & Julia



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