Boot Camper of the Month: Keep Up the GREAT Work Michelle!

Before (Oct. 2011) & After (Dec. 2011)

Shortly before her 51st birthday, Michelle Mahank of Largo decided it was time to get active.

“I was really active but not active in the right ways,” Mahank said. “Instead of just being busy, I needed to be more in shape.”

She had heard Jeff Shelton talk about the Total Body Results’ boot camp, so finally she made the plunge. She didn’t really know what she was getting into or have a lot of defined goals. She just knew she wanted to feel better. Boot camp exceeded any expectations she had going in.

“I had been in several car accidents and because of my job, I have neck and back pain, but I have pretty much eliminated that because of boot camp and have taken a lot of inches off,” Michelle said. “I can get into my smaller clothes again. Like most women, I have four sizes in my closet, and I can wear the smaller sizes again.”

When she began boot camp, Michelle was wearing a size 12, but now she can fit into her size 6 clothes again.

Michelle & Jeff so graciously mowing for us. (Thank You M & J)

“They’re still a little tight, but sixes are doable now,” Michelle said. “…My goal is to fit into those perfectly, and also I do have those size 4’s waiting that I wore years ago. I think it’s definitely feasible, but because I’m building muscle too, I don’t know if I can do that. But we’ll see.”

Boot camp has also greatly improved Michelle’s stamina and posture. She is proud of all she has accomplished and wants to maintain what she has achieved.

Michelle attends boot camp three or four times a week and is driven by the rest of the group to keep coming back.

“I love being outside but it’s mostly the people who are here,” Michelle said. “Any other places I’ve gone, they’re kind of downers. And this is such an upbeat crowd. And even though there’s so many people here where I’m probably old enough to be their moms, there doesn’t seem to be any age stigma. Everyone is kind of in the same boat and want to stay healthy and have fun. Everyone is very friendly.”

Michelle attributes some of her success in committing to the program to the great personalities of the trainers and fellow boot campers.

Michelle showing off her TRX skills. You GO Girl!

“I’m surprised that I kept up with it,” Michelle said. “Because I truly am not very athletic, and I was always the last one chosen for sports, and I was always the group that didn’t get much training because I was the least expected to do anything. But here, I didn’t label myself and they didn’t label me.”

In addition to working out more, Michelle has also adopted some of the nutrition guidelines that Julia Zammito encourages. Michelle now watches processed food and paying attention to what she puts into her body.

“When I started listening to Julia’s nutrition advice, that’s when I really started losing weight and inches around the middle,” Michelle said.

Looking towards the future, Michelle is considering doing an adventure race where people run through mud and obstacles. She still feel a little nervous about the idea, but surely fellow boot campers will help build her confidence.

The biggest thing Michelle has taken away from boot camp is that being healthy is a lifetime choice.

“Because of the differences in age, it shows that age doesn’t matter. Everyone here is to be healthy, and it can be a way of life. Julia has always been doing it. It can be a lifetime thing and be a fun thing.”

Michelle & Jeff looking fabulous at our holiday dinner


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