Danielle transformed her body in just 3 months!

We are always delighted to congratulate and share when our boot campers experience success.  Our hope is that these success stories motivate & inspire others and that they too, will succeed!

Danielle has been part of our am crew for the past 3 months and has made coming to class part of her daily life. Our 21-Day Belly Blast program jump-started her weight loss.

Since developing a “No Excuse” attitude and overcoming the “noise” in her head (that fear of failure & gaining weight) Danielle has been in it to win it! This attitude along with the tools we provide IS how Danielle has been able to transform her physique.


Below are a few short excerpts from Danielle’s Blog

“My Motivational Rant”

“I had an issue with food in high school and college. I feared it. Actually, I loved food.”

“I have been attending morning boot camp on the beach. This was something I desperately needed following my weight gain of 26 pounds. I’m not going to lie. My biggest fear in life (besides cockroaches and Barbara Streisand) is gaining weight and being unhealthy.”

“Today, I look fantastic. Yeah, that’s right. I busted my butt every morning [for 3 months] to get myself where I am. I completed my 21-day clean eating program today, with no cheating and I’m teaching Zumba twice a week.”

“People tell me every day how great I look. I have so much energy I’m annoying. My stomach hasn’t been upset (I always had a nervous stomach), My skin has cleared up, I sleep great, I’m as strong as can be, and can probably fight like a ninja if given the opportunity. I always knew I had it in me, but without the help of Total Body Results I never would have looked this slammin’. I’m not done yet. I loved the results I saw from eating clean so much, I am doing it again. As a matter of fact, it’s a lifestyle now.”

And now…For my rant…NO EXCUSES!

“You have to make lifestyle changes.  I get up at 5:10 AM now to go work out.  MAKE TIME.”

“If it were easy, everyone would be walking around with a rock hard butt and a set of six-pack abs. CHALLENGE YOURSELF!

**I owe a special thank you to the trainers of Total Body Results.

Keep going strong Danielle!! We are proud of you & are here to support you in continuing your fitness journey 🙂

You CAN be next to share your success story with us. Take some advice from Danielle, decide to have a “NO excuse” attitude.   Join us for a FREE CLASS today:  https://totalbodyresults.com/category/boot-camp-schedule/

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