Jennifer Lost 40 Lbs. & Went From a Size 13 to a Size 4!

By August 21, 2014Testimonials

Jennifer W. 28 day before and afterWhat are some obstacles/challenges faced?

The hardest part is will power, especially when everyone around you in a social setting or at work is eating junk food. Remember what your end goal is and just say no!! If you say you just want a little taste, trust me, you will go back for more…grab a healthy snack! If you eat 6 small meals a day and drink plenty of water it becomes easy and eventually it is a true lifestyle change!


What advice would you give to others trying to lose weight/get healthy?

I would say that it was fairly an easy for me because I tend to be an “all or nothing” kind of person. I took baby steps to get where I am today and it has definitely been a process.  I have continuously educated myself when I come across things that I am unfamiliar with. Starting with basics like: what is a carbohydrate, what is a calorie etc.
When I initially started I only did portion control. About 2 months later I started exercising and eating what I thought was healthy…it turned out to be highly processed “diet food” at which point I hit a plateau; about a year in. Just over a year ago, I joined TBR and was truly educated on what I was consuming and what I should be consuming; needless to say, my weight dropped!! I wish I knew all that I know now long, long ago!

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