My 6 week transformation!

By August 27, 2012Blog, Motivation

Hello friends! I have wanted to share my 6 week journey with everyone for some time now and have simply had zero time as things have been beyond busy!! So I’m using this wonderful Saturday night to create this Blog 😉

Why do I want to share this with you?

It’s my MISSION to help as many people as I can live the healthy lifestyle they desire because when you’re healthy, lean and strong life is simply more rewarding & richer. My intent is to MOTIVATE & INSPIRE!

This past April, I was presented a terrific opportunity to do a photo shoot in Miami with one of my favorite photographers for an incredible project in the works. I couldn’t pass it up however, I only had 6 weeks to look print ready in a bathing suit!

Now you may think I go home and do sit-ups all day and yes I do my share of core training however, my abs are certainly not defined year round and my physique was far from picture ready. I contemplated doing the shoot and went back in forth with a decision. I knew this would line up with my ultimate mission of helping others!

So I quickly had to commit- ALL IN for 6 weeks! This meant NO cheating on a diet and TONS of FOCUS.

 In fact, I would find myself daily saying “Focus It Out” and I would do this little hand thing and BAM it magically worked to focus me back out!

If you’re one of our awesome Boot Campers you saw my physique change over the course of 6 weeks from May-June

Day #1                          3 Weeks in- A bit leaner!

 How did I do it?

I’ll be honest- It wasn’t a walk in the park 😉 The hardest part is definitely nutrition!

I eliminated all fruit, condiments, protein bars and pretty much anything else except “real” food for 6 weeks. My nutrition basically consisted of egg whites, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, chicken, brown rice, salads, tons of veggies, white fish & sirloin. I actually added a meal, totaling 6 small meals daily- So I was eating MORE than before!

As far as my training program…I added:

-Additional cardio totally 5-6 40 minute sessions weekly

-A 30-40 minute walk on an empty stomach first thing in the morning (as many mornings as I could)

-Agility *We do a tone of Agility at Boot Camp- Because it “Eats Ya Up!”

-My weight training program remained the same- Pretty much fired up the intensity!

Energy levels were lower than normal and I had to muster up the power to get daily workouts in, prepare meals (in addition to everything else) OH and we launched a Groupon Deal in the midst of this 😉

Why am I sharing this with you?

I want YOU to believe in yourself and realize there is NOTHING YOU CAN’T DO… THERE IS NO PHYSIQUE YOU CAN’T HAVE. All it takes is a little focus, discipline & commitment.

Now of course you don’t have to go as extreme as I did. YOU CAN HAVE FLAT ABS, and YOU CAN LOOK & FEEL YOUR BEST!

My hopes is that my story inspires you to push a little harder, set clearer higher fitness goals, commit to yourself and MAKE IT HAPPEN BECAUSE YOU CAN!

And I promise you when you do- There is no better feeling of empowerment, strength & accomplishment!

I’m here to help & provide you with ALL the tools necessary to achieve & maintain your ultimate fitness goals!

To Your Success,


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