One STRONG Momma! 5 Inches off her waist alone!

By November 22, 2016Testimonials

shellyOne incredible Momma! In just 3 months, Shelly has lost TONS of inches including 5 on her waist alone! Oh and she’s a Mom of 3 with two beautiful children under the age of 2!

“I have struggled all my life with weight. Since my 1st daughter was born those extra pounds just never came off, that was 21 years ago. When I was in 8th grade I weighed 188 lbs and graduating high school at 240. Recently at the age of 39 I have had two children 13 months apart. I knew this would take a toll on my body physically and mentally. My energy level was low and I honestly felt fat. I reached out to Julia. Her energy excited me to begin a new journey in fitness and healthy eating. I attend camp 3 mornings a week and I honestly could not do it without the “team” felling of her trainers and the participants. We all motivate each other. I have learned better eating habits for me and my family in these short four months. I’m more active with my kids. I feel toned and strong. I have lost almost 5 inches off my waist!

I found 3 days a week that work for me and I schedule my family around my time, as it benefits all.

Nutrition is not perfect but improves daily. Health food stores were a little overwhelming at first but much more comfortable now. I feel motivated by Julia’s team and the participants.

Also, text Julia a picture of you favorite dessert every time you want to eat it. She will motivate you to put the fork down, in a very positive and educational way.” –Shelly C.

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