She once wore blue jeans to a pool party!

“Goal reached! Today is the day I reached my weight loss goal. In late March I attended a pool party wearing blue jeans because I was embarrassed of myself. I would not wear shorts, let alone a bikini. Living in Florida, I knew this had to change since bathing suits are a big part of life here. So I returned to TBR bootcamp wearing sweatpants to hide myself. While the sweatpants didn’t last long in this hot weather, I continued to attend 3 to 4 sessions a week. About a month ago I was discouraged about the number on the scale not going down and Julia told me to give it another month so I did. And now just 2 months in, I have reached the goal I set for myself and not only that, but I feel better, my clothes fit better, I see muscle tone now, and I will not be wearing blue jeans to any more pool parties this year! I couldn’t have, wouldn’t have done it without TBR and Julia. I love that you never do the same workout twice and her cute little sayings run through my head to keep me encouraged.”

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