Our first vacation! 2 nights to the Keys and we found a great little Organic cafe

Summer is the time for R&R, but you don’t have to sacrifice your fitness goals along the way. When you go on vacation, take your workouts with you. Stay fit, have tons of energy and burn off excess calories while on vacation!


Pack resistance bands in your luggage. These compact, lightweight tools are versatile and can be used for numerous workouts, including in small hotel rooms. For instance, try tube walking. To do this, stand on the tube with your feet shoulder-width apart while holding onto the handles of the tube. Pull the tube tight enough so your hands are on your hips. Lift one foot and take a lateral step. Repeat in the same direction for about 30 steps in one direction and then do the same thing in the other direction. If space is limited, take as many steps as you can in one direction and then switch. Repeat for at least three minutes.

Another exercise you can do with a tube is bicep curls. Place both feet on the tube and grasp the handles. The wider the feet are apart, the more challenging the exercise is. Bend your elbows and curl your hands up to your shoulders. Lower and repeat for about 20 reps.


Of course, got our TRX on

It was great!

An additional travel workout idea is purchasing a TRX system. This trainer offers a host of benefits. It is portable and easy to set up and there are many exercises you can do with it.

Wear a pedometer so you can track how far you walk each day and make it a goal to hit a certain amount of steps each day. This challenge will encourage walking over driving or taking a taxi to your destination while enjoying the scenery.


Incorporate outdoor activities into trips. Are there any nearby hiking trails? Could you rock climb or raft? Rent a bicycle and go exploring. If you’re staying on the beach, rent a surf board or go for a swim. These fun activities are also physically active and can counteract all the vacation food. You can also book hotels that have available gyms.

We rented bikes for transpiration

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