What Is Your Favorite Exercise?

By March 27, 2009Blog

I was talking with a training client today and we got into an interesting conversation about his favorite exercise.  It was kind of neat learning about his preferences, likes and dislikes.  So I wanted to open this up a bit and ask you… what’s your favorite exercise and why?


  • Sunny says:

    I really like that this site is up and running now so we can get in here and share our progress and failures (not that Julie will let that happen). My favorite exercise of the moment is working really hard on my shoulders. These little (really) babies are my down fall and by far the weakest link. Now that I get to work them each time I workout they are really coming around to understand how much I want them to be seen. It is a slow go but I really am getting so much better. And as most would agree, Julie is the real brain behind this punishment I have inflicted on these the weakest link! I love that when I have something I want to work out that I have someone to go to that understand my wishes and not just do what they do with everyone else. We are all individual and want to be treated as such.

  • sunny says:

    Come on out there.. lets talk.. it is not like we don’t all something to contribute to this site. What is it you really like about working out. or not like if that is the problem. Can’t wait for boot camp to start, how about the rest of you?

  • kim says:

    I love the results of anything that makes me sweat! Working with the bosu is great. You can get very creative in what you can do with it. You are able to work your core, glutes, and arms in just one butt busting minute.

  • kim says:

    30 minutes of kickboxing yesterday with the emphasis on “kick”! WOW – cardio is great. Amanda said that I am not only a warrior, but have earned my black belt degree. She is such a nut!

  • Babette says:

    I LOVE bootcamp! Before, if I were to go to a gym, it was up to me to decide what I was going to do. I didn’t know where to start, I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing, and I would stop when I got tired. I never really pushed myself. That is not the case with a bootcamp class. The workout is always different, already planned out, and forget about stopping when you are tired. It really helps to have someone else there to push you to your potential. And as a bonus, I have meet lots of new people in the same position I am in. Everyone is at different levels, but all working toward the same goal – To look & feel better! “Anything worth doing – is worth doing well!”

  • sunny says:

    I have a new favorite workout! Its called BootCamp! and on the beach is the best. We did it last Wednesday night in the dark and that was so cool. There are so many of the old exercises that seem new when done in the sand. I really love it. Everyone needs to come and join in, meeting others wanting to get in shape the same as me, was so inspiring! See ya at the beach either Saturday morning or Wednesday night.

  • sunny says:

    I feel like I am talking to myself in here but if anyone out there is listening, let me know if you have tried the kettlebells yet? OH my. I have been playing with them for a year now, but Julie just showed me some things that kicked my fanny for sure. What a great way to sweat it out. If anyone else is out there, let me know what your workouts are and how you like them. I am really instrested and willing to try most anything new and or different.

  • Nancy says:

    I had an epiphany while running down the dark beach, rain and wind pushing against me- I needed this fight. I needed to tell those voices that were telling me to quit, telling me that change is too hard- that they were wasting there time.

    You really get what you need in life. Call it faith, call it timing, call it whatever you want. Right now I call it beach boot camp with Julie and my new fitness friends 🙂

    Hi Sunny!!!

  • sunny says:

    Hi Nancy.. isn’t this the best.. we have it all here on the beach. A great group of new friends, a really cool trainer/coach for boot camp in Julie, and we just never know what weather we are going to get. So far we have had; darkness, rain, wind and best of all just plain fun! and all while getting into shape and doing something really great for your bodies and brain. It will be thrilling to see what cooks up for Saturday. See ya all there!

  • Matt Sr says:

    I’m glad to be participating in the boot camp
    with my wife and children. It’s pushing me to do
    this even though I have lots of excuses not to.
    Yesterday the weather was awful and a great excuse
    not to go. We did go , we had a great work out
    experience and I feel much better for having the
    accomplishment in completing the day.
    Matt Sr

  • Maria Loder says:

    My first thought was what the heck am I doing working out in this weather? I am not 25 years old anymore! My bones ache on occasion and I HATE to get cold, wet, and sand all over me. Then I look at my kids and husband and I realize we are here for each other. Shut up, suck it up, and do it.
    I watched Oprah before I came and saw Charla Nash, the lady who was attacked by the chimp, and her strength to go on was an inspiration to me. Talk about putting things in perspective….

  • sunny says:

    It is so cool to have response in here. I guess all a person has to do is ask. Thanks all and the thing I myself seem to hear is that we are all thankful for what we have and what we are doing. It is so much easier to do it for ourselves when we know others are there for us. We are a team in this BootCamp thing and I love having so many to depend on. I know for myself that just knowing everyone will be saying “Where is Sunny tonight” keeps me going. So if you think you are not up to it, think to yourself, others are depending on me! be it family, friends, kids, or just team players.. be there as they would for you. And be there 100% and healthy.

  • Michelle says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I just wanted to say thank you again for coming out in the wind and rain for boot camp on Wednesday. Wednesday night’s boot camp was probably the first time I have really worked out total body at once in about 3-4 years. I found myself really struggling in just the warm up. I used to participate in many sports in high school and played basketball in college but life happened and I forgot that it was so important to me. I really do not enjoy working out in a gym and find myself very insecure in that setting so I was a little nervous to join in boot camp even though I was helping arrange it for all of you. Seeing everyone from all different ages and walks of life come together for a common goal, which is to get healthy and to take control of your lives really inspired me to join in. After boot camp I was very disappointed in myself because I can feel how weak my body has become in a matter of 5 years and I can definitely tell you I am very sore. But I know the pain will go away and I can’t wait to get back what I have lost. So thank you to all of you and I can’t wait to see you all back out on the beach!! I promise to help support and motivate each and every one of you and I know you will all support and push me as well. Lastly, I want to thank Julia for being the most caring and inspiring person I have ever met. You have taught me ways to motivate myself and to always go out and fight for what you want!

    Thanks again everyone and I can’t wait to see you all tomorrow morning and at the grocery store!!

  • Rick says:

    Favorite exercise? Yep, I know – it’s that one where Julia says, “Ok, grab some water and rest for a minute!”

    The one where I sit and drink coffee across the street afterwards is good too.

    All the others, those are just painful.

  • Sunny says:

    oh guys! just because I am not there to see you doesn’t mean I’m not watching you.. I want to hear what is going on.. If I can do BootCamp up here in the freezing cold I know you can do it down there. I know your chilly there too but you don’t have to come home and shovel snow when BCamp is over. Lets hear what you have to say and keep me in the loop. You don’t want me to come back looking better then you! Do you? Ok enough trash talk, I’m just missin’ ya!

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