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10 Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving

By November 24, 2009Blog


Here we go again!  It’s almost Thanksgiving, the holidays are here and we’re left wondering where the year went.  While the holidays are a wonderful time of year, there are some hidden dangers that come along with the festivities.  I know you have heard this before, in fact, I’m willing to bet you hear it EVERY year.  I know it gets redundant but it’s worth repeating.  Read on…

The average American gains 7-15 pounds over the holidays.  Think about that, 7-15 pounds!  These same individuals then embark on a workout program on January 1st and wonder why it takes so long to get the weight off.  Losing an additional 10 lbs can take anywhere from 2-3 months.  This means you will have to exercise and eat right until March just to lose the holiday weight.  It is not until then that you can begin to attack the other weight that you need to lose.

You are then only left with two months to get in shape for bathing suit weather.  That’s extremely tough.  This leads to another summer of frustration and embarrassment.  Then summer ends, before you know it its November again, and the cycle repeats itself.  Sound familiar?

Below I have listed some additional tips for holiday eating not only maintaining but losing weight over the holidays.  obesity

Broaden Your Horizons: Thanksgiving is about more than just food. It’s about family, community and gratitude. A well-stuffed turkey, while nice, isn’t what’s going to leave you feeling the most fulfilled.

Visualize: Think about what you’re going to eat before the big day arrives. If you can’t resist a huge slice of pumpkin pie, what will you cut back on to compensate for it? What will your plate look like? What will leave you feeling satisfied?

Ask for Help: Let your close family members, friends and the host know that you’re dieting. Most people will be respectful of your needs and not pressure you into eating seconds.

Drink Plenty of Water: Water helps control your appetite by making you feel fuller faster.

Eat Slowly: It takes 20 minutes for your brain to register that you’re full. So, savor your food, drink lots of water and slow down. Give your mind a chance to catch up with your body. Stop when your full and keep busy with something besides eating

Drink Alcohol in Moderation: Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, which makes it that much easier to justify a third helping of marshmallow-encrusted yams.

Make Healthy Choices: Fortunately, many Thanksgiving mainstays fit into a healthy diet. Turkey is a great source of protein, and sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin A. Just choose wisely. Eat white turkey meat rather than the dark stuff, which contains twice as much fat. If you’re preparing the meal, cut back on salt and butter in the side dishes.

Say No: Some people show their love through food. Others may feel threatened by your diet and pile food onto your plate because it makes them feel better about themselves. What you put in your body is your business. Rehearse politely saying “no” in your head. If you’ve let your hosts know that you’re on a diet, they shouldn’t take offense at your abstaining from another round of gravy-soaked mashed potatoes.

Take a Walk: Instead of crashing in front of the TV after dinner, try going for a walk. Make it a quiet affair with just you and someone you love. In addition to burning calories, you’ll be giving yourself a reprieve from holiday-related stress

Start exercising NOW!!!  If you are exercising, don’t stop!
Include cardio, resistance training, and proper nutrition in your exercise regimen.
Select an accountability partner to keep you honest- Set a workout schedule and stick to it

Time to get started!!

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Have a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving,


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  • Joeann says:

    Hi people! Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂
    Thanksgiving is 1 of my favorite holidays, and each year I like to get into the mood-extend the holiday, as it were-by reading “Thanksgiving novels.” And in addition, these stories are mostly about friends and family, about coming together to heal old hurts and showing thanks for the gift of love. . . . — — —
    Think You Are Much better Off These days Than You Had been 6 Yrs Ago?

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