It’s time to kick things up a whole lot of notches!

If your part of our Boot Camp program, you are familiar with agility training and know it WORKS!

What is agility?

In sports, agility is often defined in terms of an individual sport, due to it being an integration of many components each used differently (specific to all of sorts of different sports). Sheppard and Young (2006) defined agility as “a rapid whole body movement with change of velocity or direction in response to a stimulus.”

Why is it SO great?

Athletes incorporate agility as a key part of their training. In addition to improving quickness and performance, polymeric training melts body fat QUICK and has the ability to tone and shrink problem areas.

During our agility circuits at Boot Camp I’m always yelling out “This is going to eat you up!” because it really does 😉

When: Every Tuesday from 6-6:30 pm (For the month of May)

Where: Belleair Causeway (Meet under the bridge)

What to bring: Yoga mat, water & face towel (optional)

Please Note: Agility is high impact movements and not for everyone. At Boot Camp we always give variations for certain movements however, variations will not be provided with this workout. Feel free to come walk, jog or run the bridge if high-impact movements is not for you.

Agility Club is a FREE service complements of TBR (I will actually be taking my trainer hat off and working out with you).

I’m certain several participants will run, walk or jog the bridge post agility training.

This is a GREAT addition to Boot Camp & the perfect way to get your cardio in!

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