Don’t let the summer heat slow you down, use it to work in your favor!

There are actually benefits to working out in warmer climates. Did you know that for every degree the body’s internal temperature rises the heart beats approximately 10 bpm faster? Therefore, the body has to work harder to keep you cool so you are burning more energy (calories). Sweating also aids in weight loss, body fat reduction and rids your body of toxins as well.

It really is mind over matter or muscle!  When you are beginning to feel fatigued your neighbor is probably feeling the same way. Talk to each other; motivate your fellow campers to keep going strong. The “pep talk” will keep both of you in a positive state of mind. You’ll be done before you know it and you’ll feel GREAT!

However, exercising in the summer should be approached with some caution and planning.

Below are a few key tips to push through during the warmer months:

-Drink plenty of water throughout the day!

See “The Down Low on H20 Blog:


-Use water bottles that keep water cold.

-Wear moisture wicking clothing

-Frogg Togg Chilly Pad: A cooling towel that keeps you nice and chilled! 

-Bring a sweat towel.

-Don’t forget the sun screen  


Stay strong, stay focused & stay motivated!

PS: The above mentioned products can be found at Sports Authority, online or other stores with sporting goods departments.

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