March 4, 2011: I recieved the call of a lifetime from NBC’s The Biggest Loser!!

The woman said, “We are looking for a female trainer to replace Jillian Michaels”.  I thought it was a prank call! After screaming my lungs out with excitement and going to a casting call they asked me to make a series of videos for submission.

Until now I have kept this video secret. But now for the first time, I’m sharing it with all my wonderful clients and readers! The latest request was to send in a video on why I should be the next trainer on the biggest loser. Here it is!

For those of you who know me, you know I live, sleep & breathe fitness! Helping other’s improve the quality of their lives is my passion! Of course I have always been obsessed with The Biggest Loser and even dream about it- Especially over the last two months!
Thanks to everyone for your wonderful support- It means the world to me!



  • YAY!!! Julia, we are all SO proud of you! You do so much to help people be healthy and happy and no deserves an opportunity like this more than you do. The Biggest Loser Team has NO idea how lucky they would be to have you as part of their team!!!!


  • Kathy says:

    Julia I’ve only been in boot camp for 2 weeks and I can see you live and breath fitness. You have a tremendous amount of energy and you help me push myself to the limit. Michelle is following in you foot steps. I hope you make it…. you definitely have the drive and know how.

    Go Julia All the Way to the Biggest Loser!

  • Karey says:

    They dont know how lucky they are!!! You are amazing and will kick butt on that show as you do to us..!!

  • Ruth Hughes says:

    Julia, you would be perfect for “The Biggest Loser” show! Best of everything to you in your future. 🙂

  • Kim Hunt says:

    You’ve got my vote! I still totally remember the ass kicking you gave me when I visited. You can absolutely pull from within ;0) Best of luck!

  • Wilma says:


    Awesome video! And motivating as well. I was so motivated I actually got down on the floor to pump out a few crunches. I may not be a constant workout attendee but when I slack off I am always hearing your voice telling me to get keep exercising and watch what I eat. You definitely helped me change my habits for a healthier lifestyle. I hope you get the spot on the Biggest Loser–we’ll miss you but the good you will do for a much larger audience will be phenomenal! You go girl!

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