Warm weather workouts – five easy park bench workouts

Warm weather is here, and everyone wants sexy swimsuit bodies. You can get quick workout anywhere, using creative props, including five easy exercises you can do using only a park bench or picnic table.


· Tricep dips – Get into a seated stance off the edge of the bench, supporting all of your weight on your hands as you hold the edge of the bench. Slowly lower yourself down, bending your elbows backwards about 90 degrees so you work your triceps by supporting your weight. Straighten your arms again and repeat for 20 reps.

·      Step ups – Stand facing the bench and step up onto the bench, lifting your body weight with your thigh and gluteus muscles. Step down with the opposite leg. Do 20 reps with each leg.

·      Pushups – Hold onto the edge of the bench or picnic table and hold your body flat, supporting yourself with your arms, which are shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself down into a pushup. Repeat for 20 reps.

·      Lunges – Stand with your back towards the bench and hook one toe onto the seat. Shuffle forward a little so your back leg is outstretched a little bit. Bend your forward leg into a lunge at about a 90 degree angle, making sure not to allow your knee to go out beyond your toe. Repeat for 20 reps on each leg.

·      Seat sits – Stand a few inches away from the bench with your back towards it. Sit down, barely allowing your weight to rest on the bench, then stand up again quickly, lifting with your legs. Sit down and stand up as fast as you can for 20 rep sets.

Take advantage of the gorgeous Florida weather before it gets too hot for comfortable outdoor exercising. Remember to eat right and keep food journals, and try to sneak in exercises to your daily activities. Swimsuit season is HERE!

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