In our last blog, we discussed setting goals, contending that “While it might be challenging to get into a workout program right now, consistent practice, commitment, and a supportive plan of actions will make this a snap by the end of your 30-day commitment.”

Two important words here are consistence and commitment. Studies show that over 50% of people drop out in the first 6 months of their training program. For various reasons, people have a difficult time being consistent or staying committed. So how do we stay motivated to follow through our 30-day commitment? We shared a few tips in our last blog – now we’ll dig deeper and lay out some valuable tools to help keep you on track:

1. Keep reminders everywhere! We may use post-its for phone numbers or task-lists…but how about reminding yourself of your goals and cheering yourself on? Notes like “10 days to go – you can do this!” or “keep clean eating for those abs!” will keep your goals top-of-mind. Cut out a picture of a goal outfit and tape it next to your closet. Stick words of encouragement on your bathroom mirror. Totally, utterly, inundate your area with words to help you keep going. Update them every week for added motivation.

2. Record how your work out and eating went each day. Even if you have a negative experience, write it down but be sure to mention something positive as well. Then, reflect on a goal for the next day.

3. Share your goal with close friends or loved ones….better yet, tag-team with someone with similar goals! Find someone who can give you a little extra motivation and also help you through your journey. If they know what your goals are, they can help stave off temptations at the restaurant. They can work out with you at the gym. You can gush or vent about the day. Surrounding ourselves with a positive, supportive people will surely affect our ability to stay committed.

4. What’s a bump in the road? If we ‘slip up’ during our 30-day commitment, does this mean that it’s all over and there’s no point continuing towards your goal? Absolutely not! If you missed a work out or indulged in a not-so-clean meal, acknowledge it as something that is not part of your plan and then pick yourself back up and KEEP GOING! Go back to that journal, write down your feelings, and then make another commitment to yourself to make better choices or work out twice as hard.

5. Communicate with your trainers! That means Julia or Nazmina! We are always here to answer questions, lend an ear, and offer extra words of encouragement. We’re not just here to tell you how to exercise – we genuinely want to support you in achieving your goals. Besides, one of us was actually a cheerleader in the past so that’s gotta say something, right?

Try any or all of these during your 30-day commitment to help keep you motivated…and if you have any ideas to share, please submit them below!

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